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Bộ chuyển USB 3.0 sang HDMI Orico DU3H

Bộ chuyển USB 3.0 sang HDMI Orico DU3H

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Bộ chuyển USB 3.0 sang HDMI Orico DU3H

Bộ chuyển USB 3.0 sang HDMI Orico DU3H
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USB3.0 to HDMI

Powerful 5Gbps USB3.0 bandwidth and HDMI display port provide fast transmission and perfect graphics, with soft blue LED indicator to confirm device's working status, bringing much convenience for work and life.
USB3.0 to HDMI adapter

HD output
Fluent and clear graphics

Support full HD resolution up to 2048*1152, showing clearer pictures; compatible with almost all of HDMI display terminal, support Windows XP, Windows Vista 32bit and 64bit, Windows 7 32bit and 64bit, Windows 8 32bit and 64bit.
the HDMI adapter is HD output

Four display modes
Efficient working

Support the main / secondary screen free switching, 2 screens synchronous display, screens rotating on different monitors and screen expanding, easy to compare different picture effects, improving work efficiency.
the converter is with Four display modes

Large screen, wider view

Watching movie, work presentation, internet chat and browsing news from wide view of large screen, as you are in the movie theater.
Large screen, wider view

Multi-screen display
Reduce visual stress

Multi-screen display and operation can reduce visual pressure from enormous procedure codes, financial statistics reports, video clip, post processing and other works; support 6 screens display at most, easy to check, revise and operate.
the HDMI adapter supports Multi-screen display

Simple design

Made of ABS fireproof material with mirror polish finish, black and white, small and simple, easy to carry, plug and play, more convenient to use on business or for conference conversation.
the USB to HDMI adapter is simple design


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